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Five Tips for Assembling Your Pop-A-Shot

Five Tips for Assembling Your Pop-A-Shot

You have your brand new Pop-A-Shot and only one thing stands between you and breaking records – assembling your game. It can be intimidating to see all of those parts but we are here to help! Here are a few tips to make your assembly go by faster than a buzzer beater.

1. Take each of the Pop-A-Shot pieces out and neatly arrange them.

This is the first and most important part of the assembling process. You will find that the parts are covered in plastic and styrofoam for protection. Remove all that and gently set your pieces on the floor in front of you, but away from where you intend to build your game. 

You do not necessarily need to place your parts in numerical order, but putting the matching numbered parts together will save you time and stress further into the process. For example, the Home Dual Shot has two #8 pieces. Put those together now and you won’t have to stop what you’re doing later. The preparation for assembly is as important as the assembly itself. 

2. Add the rims and electronic components to your backboard before installing the backboard.

Before you install the Pop-A-Shot backboard to the frame (really before you do anything), install the rims and electronics first. It can be tricky to do so when the backboard is already mounted, so we suggest laying it down on a flat surface. You won’t believe how much easier it is to install!

Make sure your nets are attached correctly! 

The net on the right of this Home Dual Shot is installed correctly. We get frequent calls from customers about sensors not working properly. It could mean a faulty sensor, but most times we find that if the net is installed upside down, the sensors won’t read your made shots.



3. Two assemblers are better than one!

Although you can assemble your game on your own, you won’t believe how much easier it is to have someone helping you. Even if their job is minimal (ie. putting washers on bolts so they’re ready to use), the amount of time eventually saved is very substantial.

4. Don’t move onto the next step too quickly!

This tip is especially useful. Nothing is more irritating than getting to steps 3 or 4 and then realizing later that step 1 wasn’t done correctly. Be sure to read each step carefully, multiple times. 

5. If you have power tools, use them.

Every Pop-A-Shot Arcade Basketball Game comes with tools and hardware for assembly. Although everyone at Pop-A-Shot has built a game using the included tools, even we admit that something more heavy-duty works more efficiently. With that said, if you have a drill with an M6 Hex Bit (easy to find at your local hardware store) as well as a phillips head screwdriver and some vice grips/channel locks, you are set. Work smarter, not harder!

With these tips, you’re ready to set up your game in record time! Feel free to share any of your own assembly hacks with us on social media.