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Tips for Joining the Century Club!

Tips for Joining the Century Club!

Pop-A-Shot’s “Century Club” is a prestigious honor that is sought after by many, and achieved by few… nah, just kidding! All you need is some practice, a couple of tips, and you can be a member of the Century Club.

Here are four tips to help get you into the Century Club:

  1. Speed is everything!
    • Many people say making baskets is the key to getting into the Century Club. While that is true, it is more about how many made baskets you have in a given amount of time. If you are shooting the ball carefully and watching the result of each shot, mathematically, you wouldn’t have enough time to get to 100, even if you made most of the baskets. The name of the game is speed . You want to feel like you have a ball in your hand before the ball in the air has gotten to the hoop. The more shots you put up during your game, the more attempts you have. More attempts eventually equals more points! 
  2. Try not to look at the score/time while playing.
    • You know how they say not to look over your shoulder when in a race? The same goes for looking at the scoreboard while playing Pop-A-Shot! Staying focused on the task at hand and not losing sight of the basket is very important. If your eyes wander, so will your shots. 
  3. It’s all in the wrist!
    • Whether you are someone who likes to swish the ball or you rely on the backboard, you still need to have a good touch to your shot. The saying “it’s all in the wrist” rings true when talking about form while playing Pop-A-Shot. Make sure that you have a nice movement with your hand and wrist, and try to avoid pushing the ball. This will put spin on the ball, making it softer when it hits the rim/backboard. Try it out! 
  4. Pump yourself up before playing! 
    • You are attempting to break your own record as well as get into the Century Club, get excited about it! THIS IS A GAME! Whether it is out loud or internal, tell yourself that you are going to get 100 points. If you believe it, you can achieve it! 

Now that you have these tips for getting into the Century Club, make it happen! And when you do make it happen, share it with us by tagging our accounts on social media or messaging us directly!