Home Dual Shot Troubleshooting


Sometimes not all of the baskets are counted. This can usually be corrected with some minor adjustments. First, if only one basket is having issues, make sure you have chosen a multi-player game (such as Game 1) on your Control Panel. Next, go to the rear of the game and make sure the sensors are securely plugged into the correct outlets in the scoreboard. If baskets are still not being counted, the sensors are most likely not attached to the scoreboard correctly. The sensors must be attached level, with the screws tightened all the way. If the sensors are misaligned or angled at all, they will not correctly read the shots. Please re-attach the sensors, making sure that they are level and screwed all the way into the backboard. If the sensors are still not working correctly, they may be faulty (although this is very uncommon). Email us your shipping address and we’ll send you replacements. Best, Pop-A-Shot