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Scoring / Sensors – Premium Games (Infrared Sensor)

Important Information Regarding Your Sensor: The sensor in your game has a sticker in a specific spot to let you know how far in the sensor needs to go in when placing it on the collar. Each sensor has been individually tested for this spot.


If you are having sensor issues, here are some things you can check:

  • Check to make sure that it is properly plugged into the scoreboard. It should be plugged in on the right of the scoreboard (back of backboard). The wires should be aligned as followed: Brown-top / Black-middle / Blue-bottom.
  • You can also check the sensitivity of the sensor on the collar. Turn the gold screw on the sensor: counter-clockwise to make it more sensitive and clockwise for less sensitive.
  • Take the sensor out of the collar and wave your hand in front of the sensor and look for the red light.

If you have gone thru the above troubleshooting steps, and it is still not working, please contact us.