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Scoring / Sensors – Dual Shot Sport

Dual Shot Sport

Room Lighting: If the lighting in the room is too dark, it can cause the sensors to struggle to sense the ball going by. Check that there is bright enough light and not a dark shadow being cast across the sensors.

If sometimes not all the baskets get counted, this can usually be corrected with some minor adjustments. Here are some initial steps to take:

  • To view how both baskets are scoring, you could start a multiplayer game such as Game 1 on your Control Panel.
    Go around behind the game to the backside of the backboard; check each sensor to verify that each one is securely plugged into the scoreboard and in the correct outlet.
  • If any of the sensors are loose when seated in the jack, take one of the non-loose sensors and plug it into loose jack spot; if this sensor is also loose when placed into this spot then the jack may be the problem and not the sensor. We may need to send you a new scoreboard instead of new sensors.
  • If the sensors are misaligned, angled, or attached to the scoreboard incorrectly they will not correctly read the shots. They need to be attached level and with the screws tightened completely. Re-attach the sensors and make sure they are level and screwed all the way into the backboard.
  • Lastly, give the nets a check. The nets should be attached with the long loops at the top near the rim. If the nets are attached incorrectly or are hanging odd, they can obstruct the bottom sensor and prevent the baskets from being counted. Please remove the nets and see how your game is scoring without the nets.
  • If the sensors are still not working correctly, they may be faulty (although this is very uncommon). Please contact us for replacement.