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Difference between the Home Dual Shot and Dual Shot Sport?

Why does the Home Dual Shot cost so much more than the Dual Shot Sport?

Both games are very sturdy and include lots of game and audio options. The Home Dual Shot (HDS) is the premium Pop-A-Shot Home game, while the Dual Shot Sport (DSS) is our entry-level model.

Here are some differences:

  • Frame: While both frames and backboards are sturdy, the HDS backboard and frame are thicker than those of the DSS.
    • Also, the height of the HDS can be adjusted (up to 88” or 94”) and it has wheels for increased mobility.
  • Scoring: The HDS uses Infrared Sensors to register baskets and has a large, three-digit scoreboard. The DSS uses “paddles” to register baskets and has a slightly smaller, two-digit scoreboard.
  • Game Options: The HDS has 16 different games, while the DSS has 10 games. Both games have 6 audio options.
  • Balls: The HDS comes with 7 Official Pop-A-Shot balls, while the DSS comes with 4. Additional balls can be purchased at our website.