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Sturdy 1.5” diameter steel tubing for maximum strength, powder-coated to resist rust and chipping

For easy maneuvering (the only game with wheels)

Ball Return Ramp
Heavy-duty nylon (won’t sag, rip or fray)


Extra-long arms mean more net to contain shots

Extra large (46” x 20”) and extra thick (1/2”)

Scoring System
Large , three-digit scoreboard with proprietary infrared optical sensor scoring system that correctly registers 98% of shots. Also has an audio jack to plug in external speakers (not included).

AC Adapter/AA Batteries. You’re not always close to an outlet, so we included an extra-long cord with the AC Adapter. And for even more mobility, you can use 4 AA batteries (not included).

6 total options, including 3 different music selections, sound effects (crowd noise and basket “swishes”) and an announcer who calls the game.

Control Panel
Easily accessible in front of game to turn on, start games, change audio and choose games. Comes with “cheat sheet” for easy reference.

7 Mini Balls

Folds to a depth of 37″

Product Details

Length: 88 inches (folds to 37 inches)

Height: 82 inches (88 or 94 inches with extension tubes)

Rim Height: 65 inches (71 or 77 inches with extension tubes)

Width: 46 inches

Weight: 58 pounds

Shipping Dimensions/Weight: 48” x 24” x 6“/58 lbs

Assembly: Step 16

Make sure to attach the Control Panel (#35) to the center of the Lean Bar (#9). Trying to attach the panel away from the center can cause the plastic tabs to break.

Game Play: Scoring Issues

  1. If your Home Dual Shot is not accurately scoring baskets:
    • Make sure the sensors are accurately and securely plugged into the scoring unit in back.
    • Make sure the sensors are securely attached to the backboard.
  2. If the scoring is still not accurate:
    Remove the net from the basket that isn’t working. Shoot some baskets and see if they’re counted. If the baskets are counted with the nets removed: The sensors are fine and you just need to adjust them in order for them not to hit off the net. Make sure the sensors are on straight. If they are angled (up/down or to the side) they may be sensing the net or rim in front and thus missing baskets. If the baskets are not counted with the nets removed: You may have a faulty sensor (this is very uncommon). Please contact us.


“Customer service is great and the unit is a great looking quality product. When people first see it, they say “WOW!” and begin to play.”

Rick S.

“The unit itself is sturdy and easy to maneuver, and the electronics and sensors are right on when registering scores...”

Bobby J.

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