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(Old Model) Classic Single Upgrade Kit

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Want to upgrade your old model Classic Single game to use the new-style electronics? Well, this is the upgrade kit for you.

With this kit you will be able to play 6 different games and choose from 6 audio options.

The Old Model Classic Single Upgrade Kit contains:

  • Backboard (30″ width 23 3/4″ height)
  • Scoreboard (pre-installed into backboard)
  • 2 Sensors (pre-installed into backboard)
  • Control Panel
  • 5V AC Adapter
  • Cheat Sheet (game and audio options)
  • Connector Tube (this size tube will allow you to install the Control Panel)

* CLICK HERE if you also need a new rim & net with your kit. We offer that kit for $190. It would include everything listed above, plus a Premium Single Rim and Premium Single Net.

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Shipping Dimensions/Weight: 30” x 27” x 6“/16 lbs

Estimated Assembly Time: 15-30 minutes