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We receive a lot of great submissions from fans who’ve just started playing the new Home Dual Shot to folks who’ve been playing Pop-A-Shot® since the 80’s. This game brings such joy and sweet nostalgia to basketball enthusiasts of all ages across the US. Because of the love everyone shares for this game, we wanted a place to show off some of the best videos we’ve seen on Twitter right here on our website.

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We think that #NBAMedia day would be a lot more fun if they included Pop-A-Shot hoops.

Today is #NationalFamilyDay and we want to give a shout out to our Pop-A-Shot family.

One of the things that we love so much about the game is that it brings people together.

If you've ever played a round of Pop-A-Shot and had fun then we consider you part of our family.

We don't encourage petting strangers with Pop-A-Shot basketballs.

We do, however, encourage playing Pop-A-Shot against strangers.

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