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We receive a lot of great submissions from fans who’ve just started playing the new Home Dual Shot to folks who’ve been playing Pop-A-Shot® since the 80’s. This game brings such joy and sweet nostalgia to basketball enthusiasts of all ages across the US. Because of the love everyone shares for this game, we wanted a place to show off some of the best videos we’ve seen on Twitter right here on our website.

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This fan-submitted video shows just how much fun a #Wizards fan can have just shooting some hoops! https://t.co/V87sQTZJpO Thanks @Kellbee! #basketball #family #fans #popashot

Looks like one of Kathie Lee and Hoda's favorite things is the classic Pop-A-Shot game among others! Wonder what the score is? #Watch and share for a great cause! https://t.co/kAztqe2g96 @TODAYshow @klgandhoda @KathieLGifford @HodaKotb. #KLGandHoda #popashot

Home Dual Shot #Troubleshooting: If you have not yet assembled your game, here are a few important notes for the Assembly and Operation: https://t.co/Dn2SA5u3oA #popashot

We're going to go ahead and start practicing our #marchmadness game now. Who else is in? Starting #2k18 right! #goals #fun #popashot https://t.co/YRxuavAMg4

The Pop-A-Shot® Home Dual Shot is the perfect gift to give anyone of any age. This easy-to-assemble home basketball game comes with 10 new games, 7 mini balls, an easy-to-use control panel, and hours of FUN! https://t.co/OskSYcZUiI #2k18 #goals #fun #justdoit

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