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We receive a lot of great submissions from fans who’ve just started playing the new Home Dual Shot to folks who’ve been playing Pop-A-Shot® since the 80’s. This game brings such joy and sweet nostalgia to basketball enthusiasts of all ages across the US. Because of the love everyone shares for this game, we wanted a place to show off some of the best videos we’ve seen on Twitter right here on our website.

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What basketball fan doesn't want to see more scoring?

And teams who can't shoot from way downtown need to adapt.

Where do you stand on this? Do you like seeing Pop-A-Shot type scoring in the @NBA? (Because we do)


Shout out to Tim Traynor’s son who put up a 108 and set a new high score!

We love seeing when you get a high score at Pop-A-Shot so send over a pic or video to be featured!

If you could play Pop-A-Shot against any @Eagles player who would it be?

I'd want to play against @DarrenSproles as I'd love to see the speed at which he gets shots off.


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