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Pop-A-Shot’s Ten Favorite Holiday Movies (In No Particular Order)

Pop-A-Shot’s Ten Favorite Holiday Movies (In No Particular Order)

Nothing lifts your holiday spirit like a feel-good family film. Whether it be the winter weather, the decorations, or the music, you really can’t find a better method of getting into a merry mood. 

Team Pop-A-Shot took a poll around the office and compiled a list of our favorite holiday movies. From Thanksgiving treats to Christmas classics, these movies will make you laugh, cry, smile and even sing. So, take a break from setting records on your Pop-A-Shot, get the popcorn ready and enjoy these great holiday flicks. 

  1. Planes, Trains and Automobiles – John Candy teams up with Steve Martin. Enough said.
  2. The Santa Clause – This 90’s classic starring Tim Allen, released before Buzz Lightyear became a household name, unlocks the little kid inside us all. Pass the hot cocoa, please.
  3. Christmas Vacation – Learn to be a master of exterior illumination, set land speed sledding records, accidentally commit felonies and have the inevitable mental break that comes with having the whole family home for the holidays. We can’t hype this movie up enough! 
  4. Home Alone – The movie that taught us to fear 10 year olds more than tarantulas, woof.
  5. Jingle All the Way – In this underrated holiday classic, Arnold trades in the demands of getting to the chopper for demands of getting the hot toy of the year! Who cares about supply chain issues and inventory demand when your kid looks at you like you are the true superhero?!
  6. Elf – Will Ferrell shines so bright as Buddy the Elf in this family-friendly holiday classic, even grumpy James Caan can’t resist the Christmas Spirit. 
  7. The Polar Express – A holiday story so beloved that even Tom Hanks as a creepy hobo couldn’t stop the holiday smiles.
  8. How the Grinch Stole Christmas – “Am I just eating because I’m bored?” Jim Carrey’s Grinch is RELATABLE. 
  9. It’s A Wonderful Life – If there is a holiday movie list that doesn’t include this movie, we don’t want to be a part of it.
  10. The Holiday – Ah, the early rumblings of AirBnB! This beautifully filmed rom-com is perfect for a holiday-inspired date night!

Did your favorite Holiday movie make our list? Send your own list to us on social media!