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Pop-A-Shot Customization Process

Pop-A-Shot Customization Process

Three steps to getting your Pop-A-Shot customized!

We get questions all of the time about our customization process – not necessarily what a custom game is or looks like, but how the custom Pop-A-Shot process works! 

Whether you are a charity organization, a sports team, a large business or a family of four, you can get a custom Pop-A-Shot. No requirements or criteria. Just three easy steps:

Step One: Choose Your Game 

This might be the toughest decision you will have to make in the Pop-A-Shot customization process. But don’t worry! All of our games are top-notch. Take a look at your options for customizable games here.  

Step Two: Place Your Custom Pop-A-Shot Order 

Once you’ve reached a decision on which game to buy, now it is time to place your order! You can do so HERE! This step in the process is self explanatory, you will enter all of your information, including shipping, billing and payment. 

Step Three: Design Your Custom Pop-A-Shot

Now that your custom Pop-A-Shot order has been placed, it is time for the fun part… the design! A representative from Pop-A-Shot Customer Service will receive notification of your order and will contact you within 24 hours. Then, it is your call! You tell us what you want your custom basketball game to look like (Note: you may have to provide color codes, logos or proof of licensing in certain situations). We will send you a mockup photo of the game (how it will look when assembled) for your approval. Once approved, production begins! Please allow for 2-6 business days for production and another 2-5 days for shipping. 

See! That wasn’t so hard, was it? In three easy steps, you have your own custom Pop-A-Shot, tailored to you. 

Now that you have your own custom branded game, show off your skills. Don’t forget to tag us! You may just become a Pop-A-Shot superstar on social media.