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Pop-A-Shot Ceiling Height

Pop-A-Shot Ceiling Height

 Here at Pop-A-Shot, we have many different arcade basketball games. Our most popular model is the Home Dual Shot. The Home Dual Shot’s minimum ceiling height that is required is 82 inches, you don’t need to have a room with high ceilings all you need is a height of about 84 inches. 

When you’re going for your new Pop-A-Shot high score we recommend that you don’t put a lot of arc on the ball and that it is more of a direct shot at the backboard or the rim so that the balls don’t spend a lot of time in the air. The Pop-A-Shot Ceiling Height shouldn’t matter for you to break into the Century Club! If you want extra space to do trick shots with a higher arc then you may need a ceiling height that is higher than 84 inches, but 84 is all you will need to get shooting!

Pop-A-Shot Ceiling Height changes depending on the model that you have. Every one of our Home or Sport games needs a ceiling of at least 84 inches. With our pro series games, the ceiling height that is required is 92 inches tall and as we recommended for the Home Dual Shot there are still about two to three inches on top of the game for shots with that extra bit of arc. 

While everyone has different ceiling heights there is only one Pop-A-Shot. Pop-A-Shot entered the market 40 years ago. Whether you are looking to shoot around with a friend or break into the illustrious Century Club, arcade basketball has never been the same. Read more about our different Pop-A-Shot dimensions here.