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Welcome buzzer beater

Here you can find all things Indoor/Outdoor Dual Shot all in one place. Navigate below to find all kinds of support, how to expand your Pop-A-Shot swag and how to join the community of buzzer beaters nation wide.

Pop-A-Shot is proud to have you scoring on the team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To fold (Video on folding):
  1. Pick up the front of the game or Lean bar and walk towards the Rims
  2. Push both the Rims upward using both hands
  3. Tuck the Lean bar under the Rims
Unfold (Video on unfolding):
  1. Bring the Lean bar towards you
  2. Push both Rims upward using both hands
  3. Untuck the Lean bar under the Rims
If your right or left sensors are not working, please try below:
  1. Please move the working sensors to the non-working side and see if they work
  2. Remove rim nets and see if they work
  3. Make sure the sensors are screwed in from the front of the backboard
If your control panel is messed up, please try below (See this video on how to):
  1. Untwist the cable for each connection
  2. Reconnect and make sure the pins are lined up correctly for each cable
  When emailing us about the sensors not working, please indicate which side – facing you from the front of the game.   If after trying above still do not work, please email us – be sure to include:
  • Your order ID#
  • Address
  • A picture of your assembled game

Home Courts

Meet our new friend, Mason. This kid never lets his chance at a high score get away! Keep practicing with our Pop-A-Shot ball and we can expect to see his name in (head)lights!

🎥 : awsmith323

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Our #wcw is candaceparker! On May 22, Parker became the third wnba player in history to record a second career triple-double! She joins teammate sloot22 and the legendary airswoopes22. Congratulations Candace!!

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It's #weddingseason!

Are you looking for that final piece to take your reception to the next level? Visit to find the game that works best for your special day!

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Take the fun outside this summer with our specialty Dual Shot game that can withstand the great outdoors! Visit to order yours TODAY!

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Welcome to the Century Club, tiffanymartin97! Don't be shy with a score like that!

To learn more about the Century Club and how to join, visit

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Happy Friday! You made it, time to unwind. Give your brain the endorphin boost it needs with the ORIGINAL arcade basketball game! Visit to order!
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Happy birthday to detroitpistons #badboy and former wnba coach, Bill Laimbeer! #badboys #nba #wnba #basketball ...

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75% of basketball is mental. Flex on your opponent and gain that extra edge during your next game!

With our BRAND NEW Pop-A-SOCKS, you can step to the line with confidence. Visit to get your pair!

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Warranty Request - Indoor/Outdoor Dual Shot

Pop-A-Shot warrants this product to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 365 days from the date of original purchase. For full details on our warranty, please review the instruction manual.

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