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Parents Guide to Picking the Right Pop-A-Shot This Holiday Season

Parents Guide to Picking the Right Pop-A-Shot This Holiday Season

Your children have asked Santa for a Pop-A-Shot, and you are in panic mode because you are not sure which game to order. Sure, they told you fifty times, but you don’t speak “11-year-old”. Is this game too tall? Is this game too wide? Will this game fit in our basement or game room? Never fear, your friendly neighborhood Pop-A-Shotters are here to help! Take a look at our Holiday Pop-A-Shot guide to determine which game is best for your family and home. 

The Pop-A-Shot Pop-Up Game is our newest game. It’s a game that is perfect for those who have limited space or they like to take the party with them. If you frequent tailgate parties, the Pop-Up Game is for you! This portable Pop-A-Shot weighs under 40 pounds, can fold up in seconds, and comes with a carrying case that fits in your car, truck or SUV. Click here to learn more about the Pop-Up Game. 

The Pro Single Shot – As classic as classic gets. The Pro Single Shot is an ode to our very first game invented back in 1981. Do you have a game room with high ceilings? The Pro Single Shot might be the game for you. Standing at 92 inches tall and weighing 88 pounds, the Pro Single Shot is not only durable, but it also makes a statement. Click here to learn more about the original Pop-A-Shot.

The Home Single Shot – a classic Pop-A-Shot game. This one-player game is great for a single-child household, or like the Pop-Up Game, is also perfect for those with limited space. Standing at 88 inches long and only 30 inches wide, this game can reasonably fit in your game room, basement or garage without taking up too much space. Not only that, but the game can be retracted in, cutting the length down to 36 inches when not being used. While the Pop-Up Game is designed to be portable, the Home Single Shot (as well as the rest of our product lineup) is not. Visit our website to learn more about the Home Single Shot

Whistle blows! Halftime!

Do you have more than one kid? Unless you want World War III between Jimmy and Kimmy because someone is hogging the Pop-A-Shot, direct your attention to the next four game versions. 

The Home Dual Shot is our most popular game, and it’s no surprise. With two baskets and quality, durable framing, the Home Dual Shot is the best option for indoor play. Whether you like head-to-head competition or you’re a sucker for a fun game mode like tug of war, the Home Dual Shot offers 16 gameplay options that are fun for everyone – options that you wouldn’t have with a single hoop arcade game. To learn more about the dimensions, game modes and pricing for the Home Dual Shot, click here.

Remember when we said that the Pro Single Shot makes a statement? The Pro Dual Shot makes a strong rebuttal. This is a game for the gamers. At almost twice the size of the Pro Single, we suggest that you make sure you have the room! And you will not want to leave that room after playing on the Pro Dual Shot. Click here to learn more! 

We listened to everything you love about the Home Dual Shot, and we took it outside! The Indoor/Outdoor Dual Shot is designed to take on the elements. Not enough room in the house? Take it outside! That’s right, the special powder-coated frame allows you to play your game outdoors. Is this the game for you? Place an order here.

Rounding out our product lineup is the Dual Shot Sport – our smallest of the two-player arcade basketball games. Whether you don’t have the space or you need something more budget-friendly, this is your game. Standing at only 82 inches tall (and long), and only 46 inches wide, this two-player game offers the same experience as the Home Dual Shot on a smaller scale. Click here to get your hands on the Dual Shot Sport!

Now that you are a Pop-A-Shot genius, order the perfect game for you! Still have questions? Shoot us an email at Happy Holidays from your friends at Pop-A-Shot!