The Century Club

Here at Pop-A-Shot, we celebrate the number 100. It’s an achievement, the product of hard work and tenacity. Your buddy might have a 99, but it sure isn’t 100, so talk that trash. 

We love the number 100 so much, we made a club: the Century Club. We reward these net-scorchers with the most coveted prize of all: bragging rights and a medium-sized decal. The exclusive Pop-A-Shot Century Club decal, to be more precise.


  1. Score 100 points in game mode #1 on your Pop-A-Shot game. No 98’s and certainly no 99’s, this is serious business.
  2. Send us a photo or video of yourself and your score. You can reach us on Instagram @popashot or email
  3. We will message you back to get your name and a good shipping address for your sticker.
  4. SLAP that sticker on the flat surface of your choice to shame all who sees it with your Steph Curry-like scoring. Some people put it on the backboard of their game to flex on their opponents. Others like to show off to the world with their sticker on their water bottle/coffee mugs.

Anyone can join this elite club; all you need is practice. We are looking forward to seeing the rest of you join the ranks of Pop-A-Shot greats!