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How to “Pop-Up” Toolkit

How to “Pop-Up” Toolkit

Look at you! The boss of the tailgate. You grill the best burgers, you have the coldest drinks, and those brownies you made belong in a cookbook. But something is missing, isn’t it? You’d put the bags set out again, but it just sat there last time. Ladder toss? Such a hassle to set up. Washers? Ahh, you can’t find all of them… of course. If you want to remain the boss of the tailgate, you need a game changer. You need the Pop-Up Game from Pop-A-Shot.

Whether you are looking to purchase the new Pop-Up Game from Pop-A-Shot, or you already have, you may have some questions in mind before buying or playing. 

Why is it called the Pop-Up Game? 

Well, it’s called the Pop-Up Game because it pops up! That’s right, the game folds down flat and fits inside a carry case. And, when you are ready to play, you can “pop it up” in seconds. No separate pieces; no tools required.* 

How is the Pop-Up Game different from your other Pop-A-Shot game modes?

In terms of gameplay, there is no difference. The Pop-Up Game requires the same skills as our other basketball games (minimal). The biggest difference lies in the portability. Have you ever been able to fit your arcade basketball game inside a bag that you can throw around your shoulder and take to your next stop? Well, now you can! 

Where does one “pop up?” 

So, you don’t go to tailgate parties too often. That’s ok! You can still take your Pop-Up Game really anywhere it will fit… as long as you have permission.

Where else can you pop up? 

  • Tailgates (of course)
  • Parties
  • Meetings
  • Company Outings
  • Fundraisers
  • Your House
  • Your Apartment
  • Your Dorm 
  • Your Neighborhood 
  • Your School 
  • The Beach 
  • The Pool
  • The Park 
  • The Mall
  • The Store
  • Vacation
  • On Road Trips
  • Doctors Appointments
  • Church 
  • Jury Duty
  • The Hospital

Ok, we got a little carried away toward the end there, but you get the idea. If you have room, you have a game! Click here to learn more about Pop-A-Shot’s awesome new portable arcade basketball game, the Pop-Up. 

More questions about the Pop-Up Game? Please feel free to reach out by sending an email to And, wherever you do choose to “Pop Up,” share it with us on social media