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High Score: The Official Pop-A-Shot Arcade Basketball Game

High Score: The Official Pop-A-Shot Arcade Basketball Game

The following feats, high scores, and moves are NOT performed by professional Pop-A-Shot athletes. That doesn't exist. Do try this at home.

You just broke 100 points to join the Century Club and set a high score on your new arcade basketball game. We know what you’re thinking now: “How close am I to being the greatest Pop-A-Shot bucket getter the game has ever known?”

The answer: Who really knows? Pop-A-Shot is a worldwide brand, with various game modes, time settings, strategies, and models. People from all over the world take the time to work on their skills, and throw up high scores in a variety of ways and places.

Pop-a-Shot Worldwide Headquarters

An argument could be made that the high score at Pop-A-Shot’s Worldwide Headquarters is the bar to shoot for. Currently (as of June, 2022), the high score is set at 209 points on Game Mode 1. Other headquarters scores range from 187 to 139 to scores in the 80s and 90s.

(Full disclosure, the players at Pop-a-Shot Worldwide Headquarters are all proud members of the controversial Team Bank Shot.)

Guinness World Record-Holder and Unconscious Flamethrower

However, some may say that, even though they aren’t at the Worldwide Headquarters, other players have a better claim to the high score title. Those people would likely be correct.

One shot-popper with something to say in the matter would likely be Jay Kletecka, who has held the Guinness World Record (2007) for Pop-A-Shot arcade game shots made in one minute. Keltecka’s record was set at 139 shots made in 60 seconds. The following video shows Kletecka making 166 shots in roughly 85 seconds. Actually, the most impressive part of this feat might be that, despite what you might expect, his entire right arm doesn’t catch on fire midway through the game. See it for yourself here!


The bank shot may catch some flack in some corners of the Pop-A-Shot community, but Kletecka has no problem using it to do some serious damage. If you’re not into the bank shot, Aaron Gordon employed an interesting strategy to become the YahooSports! Poppin’ Off champion. Instead of going with a set hand bank shot, Gordon dropped 145 points on Game Mode 2 while using both of his hands to go for the swish. Check it out here!


You don’t have to be some big-time pro, headquarters scoring champ, or Guinness World Record-holding bucket machine to throw up a bomb score on your arcade basketball game, though. Every game mode, every garage or basement, every neighborhood bar, and every play style has its own competitors who fight for the bragging rights of holding the top score. If that 47 you just on hung on your neighbor is the high score in your house, then congratulations; you’re the big dog on campus and you get the strut that goes with it. There is no unified Pop-A-Shot champion…yet.

We challenge you to put your best basketball skills forward and beat these guys (or at least try). Are you one of the next Pop-A-Shot champions? Let us know by tagging us @popashot or use #popashot. This page will be continue to be updated; if you impress, you and your score could be featured here as well. Get shooting and don’t forget: “The object of the game is put the ball into the basket!”