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Recurring Questions
from Pop-A-Shot Customers

Recurring Questions
from Pop-A-Shot Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are thinking about buying a Pop-A-Shot or you have already bought one, you might have a few questions. We get questions about parts & assembly, customization, and size and durability all the time! Here are our most “Frequently Asked Questions” about Pop-A-Shot.

“Why aren’t my makes counting on my Pop-A-Shot?”

In other words, the ball is going in, but the points aren’t showing up on the scoreboard. 

Usually, this is one of three issues:

  1. Your sensors may not be  assembled correctly
  2. Your nets were attached upside down
  3. Your sensors simply are not working.

More often than not, we see nets assembled incorrectly. It is easy to do, as both the top and the bottom of the nets look so similar. And although they may be easy to mix up, it can create annoying problems! 

If the nets are not the issue, check to make sure your sensors are correctly installed. If they are, then give us a call or click here

“What’s your usual shipping time frame?
And what’s it going to cost me?”

“It’s going to take forever to get my game, isn’t it?” No! Our games ship via FedEx Ground, and depending on where you’re located, normally ship in 3-5 business days. Our customers are thrilled to find out that they can get a Pop-A-Shot in less than a week! And, if you are really in a time crunch, expedited shipping is available. .

So, you have put your Pop-A-Shot in the cart, and you don’t want to click on it because you know the shipping fee is about to be massive. Shipping is free. F-R-E-E!

“How many balls come with my Pop-A-Shot?
And are there other color options?”

Whether you are purchasing a Home Single Shot for your kids or a Pro Dual Shot for your employees, you want to be sure you are getting enough basketballs! Here are a list of our game options and the number of balls that come with them:

  1. Dual Shot Sport – 4 Balls
  2. Indoor/Outdoor Dual Shot – 7 Balls
  3. Home Single Shot – 4 Balls
  4. Home Dual Shot – 7 Balls
  5. Pro Single Shot – 4 Balls
  6. Pro Dual Shot – 7 Balls

If you don’t think four or seven basketballs will be enough, we do offer both single and 3-packs for sale. Click here to purchase some extra basketballs. 

You will also see our different color options – Red White and Blue, Orange with the Pop-A-Shot logo, or Orange with no logo. It is your game… make it yours! 

If there’s a question you have about purchasing a Pop-A-Shot, a problem with your current Pop-A-Shot, or a question about assembling your Pop-A-Shot, please feel free to contact or call (309) 670-0497. You can also learn more by clicking here

We look forward to helping you out!