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Three Creative Fitness Tips with your Pop-A-Shot

Three Creative Fitness Tips with your Pop-A-Shot

“New Year, New Me!”

That’s such a cliché around December/January. Did you know that over 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail? And, nearly 50% of Resolutions are fitness related! So, why do they fail? It could be that people can’t get into a routine. It could also be that people get sick of driving to the gym, especially when it’s freezing cold outside. Or, it could be that they just don’t enjoy the workouts.

Who said working out can’t be fun?  Here are a few ways you can incorporate fitness into playing your Pop-A-Shot Arcade Basketball Game! 

1. Challenge Your Friend to Game Mode One - The loser has to perform an exercise

Start with Game Mode 1 on your Pop-A-Shot Arcade Basketball Game and find your workout partner! After the first game, the loser has to do 10 pushups, run a lap through the house, a workout of the winner’s choice, etc. Now, you have an incentive to win, and you’re breaking a sweat while playing. 

2. Game Mode 14 - Tug of War - Loser pays the deficit… with a workout!

Tug of War – A popular Pop-A-Shot game mode! The first player to ten points wins. But, for every basket you make, your opponent loses two points, and vice versa. Games can go on for quite a while, giving you a good workout in the first place! But, how can you “up” the stakes to get an even better workout? 

Let’s say that friends John and Alex are playing Tug of War on their Pop-A-Shot Home Dual Shot. They’ve had a long, rousing game of arcade basketball so far, but it seems to be coming to an end. After nearly five minutes of gameplay, John edges Alex out with a 10-6 win. So, what happens next? 

Since Alex lost the Pop-A-Shot game by four points, John now gets to choose a workout for Alex to perform that involves four of something. It can be something as easy as: four trips up and down the stairs, or it could be something more complex like: four sets of ten push-ups. Whatever it is, Alex will be getting a workout. 

3. Game mode 11 - Sharp Shooter - Do squats or run in place during the pauses

Game mode 11 is Sharp Shooter. One player has three seconds to make a basket after the Pop-A-Shot announcer says “Left” or “Right.” The game is over after you miss a basket in the 3-second allotment. In the pauses between you making a basket and the announcer saying “left” or “right,” you can run in place or do air squats to get an extra workout! Not only does it add a challenging element to the game, but you will get a workout in while having fun! 

See! You can have fun and get a workout in. It doesn’t have to be a drag! Get your own Pop-A-Shot Arcade Basketball Game today and get it on the fun.  If you’d like to learn about more Pop-A-Shot’s game modes, click here for instructional videos.

Happy Hooping!