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Basketball Arcade Game Dimensions

Basketball Arcade Game Dimensions

How big is the Pop-A-Shot basketball arcade game?

We have a few different Pop-A-Shot games, with varying dimensions. Generally speaking, though, they are between 81 inches and 94 inches tall, between 30 inches and 52 inches wide, and between 81 inches and 92 inches long.

I’m looking to get a Pop-A-Shot for my niece. How big is this Dual Shot Sport?

The Dual Shot Sport is our smallest Dual Hoop game and our smallest game overall in length and height. It is 81 inches tall, 46 inches wide, and 81 inches long. This game also features a foldable ball return ramp, which can shorten the game’s length to 29 inches. It really makes storage a ton easier.

My friend has a Home Dual Shot, what are the dimensions for that game?

The Home Dual Shot game is 46 inches wide, 88 inches long, and 82 inches high. However, the ball return ramp is foldable to allow for easier storage, meaning you can fold the length to just 37 inches. 

The height is also adjustable. Using the height extension tubes that are exclusive to the Home Dual Shot, you can raise the height to either 88 or 94 inches. These features make the Home Dual Shot the most flexible Pop-A-Shot you can get, and one that works in countless houses, garages, apartments, bars, offices and more.

Can I leave it outside?

The Home Dual Shot is made for indoor use only, but we do have an Outdoor Dual Shot arcade basketball game that has the same base dimensions and foldable ramp as the Home Dual Shot, minus the adjustable height option: 46 inches wide, 88 inches long, and 82 inches high.

Those all sound cool, but my niece doesn’t have the width left in her room to fit those. I guess she’ll have to settle for bubble hockey.

Don’t panic, we’ve got her covered. There’s also the Home Single Shot arcade basketball game. While this game does not have the ability to change heights, it is great for bedrooms and tighter spaces.

The Home Single Shot dimensions come in at 82 inches tall, 30 inches wide, and 88 inches long, with the same folding ramp option that reduces the length to 36 inches.

I’m looking around on your site, and I just noticed the Pro Dual Shot arcade basketball game. How big is that model?

The Pro Dual Shot is big–92 inches tall, 92 inches long and 52 inches wide. This is the closest you can get to a large-scale arcade basketball game in your home. Unlike the Home and Sport model games, the Pro Dual Shot does not have a foldable ramp. What it gives up in flexibility, though, it more than makes up in sturdiness and size. Every time you throw up a new high score, you’ll be expecting the Pro Dual Shot to shoot prize tickets at you. 

No kidding, I could really use a prize. I scored 100 at my friend’s house the other day and all I got was a lousy high-five.

Oh man, next time take a picture and let me know. We’ll hook you up with one of our free Pop-A-Shot Century Club stickers.

For real?

For real.

I just checked and the ceiling in my game room is 94 inches tall. Is that enough clearance from the top of the game?

For most players an extra inch or two from the top of the backboard is all you need. Because the rim height is roughly 1.5 feet below the top of the backboard, there should be more than enough room to shoot on your game. Of course, with less clearance space comes less opportunity for moonshots.

I do love moonshots.

Who doesn’t?

That game sounds sweet, but I’m thinking I might want to get that bubble hockey for myself. I’m not sure I have room for both.

I’m sure it will shock you to hear this, but we can help with that as well. There is a Pro Single Shot model as well. This basketball arcade game has the same 92 inches of height and 92 inches of length, but with a super slim 30 inches of width as its dimensions. 

So you’re saying pretty much anyone can fit a Pop-A-Shot basketball game somewhere in their house?

In so many words, yes. If you have any more questions about specific parts of the game, need help deciding which one will fit your place, or anything else arcade basketball related, feel free to reach out to us at